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Boules rules

How we play

- 2 people, 2 boules each (i.e. 4 boules per team)
- chosen by drawing names from a 'hat'
- 1 male and 1 female (until no more males)
- children can either enter the draw or play with a pre-selected adult


Please - register with the Chairman as soon as you arrive
Please - play your rounds as soon as you are asked to play
Please - listen for your name to be called
Please - remember to report your scores
Remember - you will play at least two games. You have NOT finished if you lose your first game

First team
(initially chosen by toss of a coin)
- chooses the spot from which to play
- throws the pig (small target ball)
- all players should throw from the same spot! (On gravel the player would mark a circle from which to play)

Person who threw the pig then throws one the boule towards the pig
Persons from opposing team
then throw boules UNTIL they get one closer to the pig
First team then throw UNTIL they have the closest boule
When a team has exhausted its boules (but still do not have the closest boule) the other team completes throwing their boules
Points are scored by counting the number of boules closer to the pig than the opponents’ nearest
Points from each end are added to the previous total until one team exceeds the target number
- note the target number is chosen by the Chairman for each round
- for early rounds the target number is '5', requiring at least two ends to be played
- for later rounds, this number may be increased to '7' or more (time and weather permitting)
- please check before beginning game

Person with the boule closest to the pig
becomes the pig thrower for the next end

Important Rule
All decisions of the Chairman are final...!!!

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